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Scientific publications:

Liquid chromatographic enzymatic studies with on-line Beta-secretase immobilized enzyme reactor and 4-(4-dimethylaminophenylazo) benzoic acid/5-[(2-aminoethyl) amino] naphthalene-1-sulfonic acid peptide as fluorogenic substrate

Angela De Simonea, Claudia Seidlb, Cid Aimbiré M. Santosb, Vincenza Andrisanoa


Aspidosperma subincanum II. Usefulness of uleine and ribonucleic fragments in the treatment of AIDS patients.

D. Maes, R. Maes


Aspidosperma subincanum I. Characterisation, extraction of an uleine-enriched fraction and potential health hazard dure to the contaminant ellipticine.

J.P Federlin, D. Maes, R. Maes


The uleine-rich fraction of Himatanthus lancifolius blocks proliferative responses of human lymphoid cells.

Nardin JM1, Lima MP, Machado JC Jr, Hilst LF, Santos CA, Weffort-Santos AM.