Main features:

  • Alkaloïd from the plant Aspidosperma subincanum (Brasil)
  • Promotes synthesis of NO in macrophages (and other cells)
  • No toxicity
      • Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia 24(2014): 293-297. Aspidosperma subincanum I. characterisation, extraction of an uleine-enriched fraction and potential health hazard due to the contaminant ellipticine.  Jean-Daniel Federlin, Dominique Maes, Roland Maes.
      • Lab. Simon s.a. 2000, study n° S099.739, study n° . S099.705 and study n° S099.719.
  • KOL: Prof Santos – Univ. Parana - Curitiba - Brasil


  • 20-40-80mg total alkaloids
  • Since 16 years
  • On HIV patients
  • On Cancer patients
Increases health conditions
Reduces the deleterious effect of chemo-therapy & tri-therapy
Pre-clinical study:
  • In Burundy
  • On 60 patients (under tri-therapy and not)
  • Results:
Improvement of health (gain in weight- increase of lymphocytes) in 100% of the cases after 3 to 12 months

Food Supplement & Drug

Enriched Extracts of Aspidosperma Subicanum are sold since more than 16 years as food supplements by Parabolic Biologicals, with succes.


Para Pau Aspido has been used by the Tupi-Guarani Indians a long time before the Portuguese discovered Brazil. They used the bark of this plant to boost immune responses.
The bark of the Para Pau Aspido contains some very rare alkaloids that boost our immune system. The effect is powerful and fast. It helps our body to neutralyze unwanted cell developpement and/or intruders, in a natural way. 
Active components:
The extraction procedure that we apply to the bark favours the concentration of nutritional complements, namely some very rare alkaloids (uleine), that can improve health.
  • Boxes of 90 capsules.
The PPP80 capsules we offer contain each 315 mg of Pau Aspido extract including 80 mg of total alkaloids, with uleine as one of the most present. The total weight of the capsule is 455 mg.
This extract is presented under the form of microbeads endowed with a delayed release effect. This allows not only to increase the length of time the extract remains in our organism but also allows our body to absorb nearly 100% of the useful dry residue (against 20 to 30% of the traditional caps).
Recommended daily intake
For a cure: 1 capsule per day in the morning 30 minutes before meals. 

Today, after this succesful experience, Parabolic is totally confident to launch a process to highlight the molecule ULEINE and to make a drug from the molecule.