Detailed description:

This food supplement puts at the disposition of health agents an alkaloid, uleine, enabling the organism to combat agents internally produced as are cancer cells, or else of environmental origin as are pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

This molecule is active in vivo by oral ingestion and is without any significant side effects, even after several months of continuous intake.

The uleine extracted from the bark of Aspidosperma subincanum is coated on microcrystalline beads of cellulose and the beads introduced in capsules at concentrations corresponding to 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg of total alkaloids evaluated as uleine, per capsule.

Uleine represents a novel approach consisting not in molecules specifically targeted in a curative spirit at the etiological agents of particular diseases or group of diseases but in molecules capable to enhance the immunological defences of an organism against a large number of environmentally pathogenic agents and internally produced agents of destabilization of the immune homeostasis.

Uleine promotes the production of nitric oxide (NO) by macrophages and reduces in this way the susceptibility of the organism in a preventive way to the destabilizing action of invading pathogens as well as of internally produced cells that escape the normal immunological homeostasis of the organism, and initiate an uncontrolled multiplication, i.e. a tumor.


This food supplement concerns health and disease treatment, namely to boost the immune system subject to external and/or internal immunological aggressions and stresses.

Technology Keywords:

Pau aspido; immunological activity; nitric oxide; food supplement; uleine; Aspidosperma subincanum; AIDS; microcrystalline cellulose, cancer, tumor.

Intellectual property rights:

Patent publication n°: WO 2011/160684 A1

Main Advantages:

  • no side effects
  • no toxicity
  • non-specific activity

Current stage of development:

Food supplement already on the market, available conditioned, ready for distribution.

Since 16 years, a food supplement whose principal active ingredient is uleine demonstrates in vivo anti-aids activity in human patients. The use of this food supplements increases health conditions and reduces effect of chemo-therapy & tri-therapy.